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There are so many schools to choose from in India. Some look for top schools in the city, others for right school in their locality. Choice abounds, as do the challenges for families having to make the best possible education decisions for their will help you navigate your way through these critical decisions. This site is designed specifically for parents, using the input from community parents. presents information on top schools in your city in a user friendly user interface. It gives you the ability to compare all schools side by side, allowing you to make comparisons based on what is relevant to you. On our forums section you will be able to engage with other parents and benefit from their experiences and ideas to help you make the best decision you can. We hope this website helps you find the right school for your child.

Exactly What I Need helped me read reviews of all schools in Hyderabad and choose the right one for my kid. Awesome

- Arjun Rampaul - Hyderabad

Excellent work done

Helped me research on different schools. Get inputs from other users and I finally opted for the best school

- Sangeeta - Bengaluru

Really Helpful

I was doubtful if the school was charging me more than others. One of the parent in forum provided the fee structure and i was able to bargain better with the school

- Aishwarya - Chennai

Great initiative

Awesome site. I had read reviews of most of the schools. Provided me ratings and reviews of other users. Highly helpful

- Kumar - Coimbatore

Nice and helpful

This site allowed me to filter school based on user ratings. I was really confused which school to opt for my kid. But was able to take a decision after reading the reviews of other parents

- Madhu - Delhi

For Parents: Key points in choosing an Elementary School

Don't decide on an elementary school before getting the answers to these key questions!


For Parents: Pointers for Choosing a School

Most parents face the challenge of picking a school that's right for their child. With so many schools offering different environments, teaching styles and philosophies, the experience can feel overwhelming. Parents say that with the right help and careful research, they were able to find schools that fit perfectly with their children's academic, social, and emotional needs.


Discover The Right School

In this current trend, it is merely a nightmare for the parents to be able to select the right school for their child. Most parents undertake a range of activities in the process of this school selection like discussing potential schools with other parents & community, undertaking their own research on possible schools and attending open evenings or school visits. All this is a time and effort consuming process which could be avoided through a right platform with accurate data and user-friendly portal.


Introducing Soul To The Experience of Learning

We are constantly learning and unlearning concepts in an environment where information access and knowledge are in abundance. In such a dynamic set-up, it is important that one is well-versed with the basic fundamentals of several disciplines. Across sectors, adaptability, critical reasoning and creativity are among some of the highly valued skills


Accepting New Methods of Learning & Teaching

The current education styles are mainly guided by the principle that passing a grade ensures complete learning of that level. A deeper introspection of what really fulfils the learning experience of a child is required. It is important to understand the nuances of the learning curve taken by each child. Any system that compels students to belong to a certain dominant lobby can suppress the spirit of innovation.